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The history of our non destructive testing company.

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Our History

Founded in Detroit in 1941 as X-Ray Incorporated, the company first provided in-house radiographic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant non destructive inspection services primarily to the U. S. Army Air Corps—the precursor to today’s U.S. Air Force. As a founding member of the fledgling aerospace industry, the company was heavily involved with a number of World War II programs including the historic B-24 bomber produced at Ford Motor Company’s Willow Run Plant, the F4U-G Corsair fighter and the Rolls Royce R2800 radial engines they used. X-Ray Incorporated also performed inspections for the Army and Navy on various components for the Garand rifle, Sherman tank, PT boats and other craft.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, the company grew and added NDT laboratories across the country in Florida, Indiana, Connecticut, Michigan and Ohio. The aerospace connection continued with inspection work for Pratt Whitney as they developed their jet engine technology.

In 1970, Ex-Cell-O Corporation, a major client, announced plans to move to Holland, Michigan and asked X-Ray Industries to set-up and run an on-site x-ray department. That department continues in operation today for Woodward Governor, a manufacturer of aerospace fuel system. We operate many co-located NDT facilities for customers across the country to this day.

Test Equipment Distributors (TED), now a premier supplier of nondestructive testing equipment and supplies to industry, was founded in 1971. Both TED and the X-R-I Testing Division grew through internal growth as well as a number of strategic acquisitions in the 1980’s and 90’s. Tronix, a successful NDT supply company in the southeast was acquired in 2001. With the purchase of the NDT supply business of Universal NDT in California in 2007, TED is now the only truly national player in the NDT supply segment.

Today, X-Ray Industries, X-R-I Testing and Test Equipment Distributors are serving all the prime manufacturers in a vibrant aerospace industry.  We are extremely proud of our record of meeting the high reliability testing needs of leading companies in the aerospace and other industries for over 70 years. The current leadership is committed to the values that the company was founded on many years ago. We look forward to serving the inspection needs of our valued customers by deploying the latest NDT technologies to solve ever more complex inspection problems.


Since 1941, we've been trusted and reliable non destructive testing partners with the aerospace and defense industries.