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Benefits of an NDT career with X-R-I Testing.

Family of Companies

X-Ray Industries, Inc.

X-R-I Testing
For over 70 years, X-R-I Testing has been committed to performing high quality NDT inspection services. For outsourced inspection needs, X-R-I Testing is the answer. Our laboratories offer a wide range of NDT technologies and are accredited by Nadcap and all of the aerospace primes. We also are ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 approved and a designated FAA repair facility.

X-R-I Testing Training & Consulting
State-of-the-art NDT Training Center with dedicated classroom equipment and an emphasis on Nadcap requirements. Hands-on training, simulations, and demonstrations to promote and enhance the understanding and retention of usable NDT skills fulfill the qualification requirements as defined by NAS 410 and ASNT SNT-TC-1a. Course outlines complies with ASNT CP-105.

Our experienced team of Level 3 consultants will work with you to design and implement the exact NDT program or solution you need.

X-Ray Industries Food Inspection Services
Specializing in x-ray food inspection and rental for over 25 Years.  X-Ray Industries, x-ray rental and inspection service is a cost effective method to reclaim a major portion of contaminated food lots. X-Ray Food Inspection Service offers comprehensive solutions for sorting of quarantined food products using high resolution conveyorized x-ray systems to detect metal, bone, glass and other foreign objects in almost any food type and package.

Mobile X
MobileX provides onsite NDT inspection of parts using digital x-ray imaging. Avoid costly production delays by having one of our mobile labs perform nondestructive testing services at your facility, your supplier's location, or even your customer's plant. For speed and convenience, one of our enclosed mobile labs will come to you with digital x-ray inspection services that become part of your own process flow, saving you precious time and avoiding the cost and delays associated with shipping parts to an inspection location. Setup is fast, and the lab can be located where you need it.

Nray Services
Utilizing specialized neutron imaging and attenuation technologies Nray Services performs non-destructive testing examinations for a wide range of international and global customers. Nray Services Inc. is a world leader in the field of neutron radiography.  In addition to providing neutron radiography or neutron imaging inspection services to aerospace, defence and high reliability explosives clients, Nray Services manufactures, distributes and resells neutron radiography and imaging supplies, equipment and materials.

Nray Services Inc. also offers neutron radiography training programs for radiographers and provides expert consulting services in the development and implementation of neutron radiography facilities.