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On-Site Metal Casting Repair

Nadcap Certified Casting Repair Services

(Troy, MI location)

X-R-I understands the time and complexity of the parts being manufactured in various markets today which is why we are now offering on-site Nadcap certified welding repair to compliment the Nondestructive Testing process.

Cast Repair Benefits:

  • Reduction of Scrap
  • Increased through-put
  • Single source applications and certifications of Welding and Nondestructive Testing

Common Materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Hastelloy
  • Cobalt
  • Magnesium
  • Other

Our roadmap includes 100% X-Ray of your part technique to the prime specification, and if necessary, porosity, shrinkage or linear indications will be excavated with in-process verification of defect removal. Certified repair welding is performed in a temperature and humidity controlled room, ending with blending of repair zone(s). Finally, the part is sent back through NDT process to assure certification of the hardware.

Nondestructive Testing & Welding Process:

XRI Testing has tailored this process with a complete and comprehensive database to ensure our customers success by offering complimentary processes such as:

X-R-I Testing maintains third party accreditation from Nadcap.


  • AC7110 Rev E - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Welding/Brazing
  • AC7110/5 Rev G - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Fusion Welding
  • Baseline
  • Supplement E: Casting Repair
  • Supplement F: Filler Materials
  • Supplement G: Processes using Gas
  • AC7110/5S Rev C - Nadcap Supplemental Audit Criteria for Fusion Welding
  • AC7110/12 Rev E - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Welder/Welding Operator Qualification
  • AC7110/12S Rev E - Nadcap Supplemental Audit Criteria for Welder/Welding Operator Qualifications

Further, the Federal Aviation Administration has designated X-R-I Testing as an approved NDT and FAA Repair Station.

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Casting Repair Services

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Casting Repair Services

X-R-I Testing has been a true asset for our delivery efforts with a critical casting program. X-R-I’s overall knowledge, sense of urgency, attitude, and devotion to task has been second to none. Not only providing technical assistance, but also outstanding communication to expedite our product through Nondestructive Testing and Casting Weld Repair. I know we are all very busy but I want to thank you again for this outstanding resource, and we at Honeywell appreciate this level of support. Again, thank you for supplying such valuable service.

Technical Director for Honeywell Aerospace