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Digital X-Ray Conversion


Digital X-Ray Film & Radiography Conversion

The cost of x-ray film continues to rise because of increases in the cost of silver and petroleum, its primary components. This dynamic is not expected to change, which makes converting from film-based industrial radiography processes to a modern digital platform very appealing.

In addition to eliminating the cost of x-ray film, going digital can help you:

  • Avoid film processing chemistry problems
  • Avoid the waste stream and associated regulatory costs
  • Free up floor space because of its smaller equipment and storage footprint
  • Quickly access and share stored electronic information

Clearly, going digital has advantages but how do you do it while at the same time maintaining production with legacy processes? There are time consuming processes and procedures to write, personal qualification plans to develop, industry and customer specifications to meet, technicians to train, and techniques to develop. X-R-I Testing‘s Digital Conversion Team consists of Level 3 experts in digital radiography who can help you realize the savings of going digital much faster and easier than doing it yourself.

Our team will help you establish a detailed plan for the conversion including specific deliverables for every phase of the project and provide fixed price quotes for outsourcing each phase of the project. You control your costs by choosing what parts of the conversion to outsource.

X-R-I Testing is a leader in the implementation of both Computed Radiography (CR) and Digital Radiography (DR) systems for applications in aerospace, energy, medical device, food inspection and automotive components. ith our in-depth knowledge of both industry and prime customer specifications and requirements we can even represent you in meetings with those parties.

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Digital Radiography Training typically focuses on MAIC/ASTM requirements
Replace Film with Digital Radiography
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September 1, 2009