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Temperature and Humidity Testing

Humidity plays a crucial role in the expected lifespan of certain materials and the amount of stress they undergo. Conducting humidity tests can provide valuable information on the structural integrity of objects, as well as how they will withstand under certain environmental conditions. XRI houses ASTM accredited environmental labs that are built to conduct in-depth passivation exams of a variety of materials.

Why Use Humidity Testing?

Humidity influences multiple aspects of a materials physical strength, flexibility, deterioration, and more. Understanding how components may behave under intense environmental conditions such as high temperature or humidity reduces the likelihood of malfunctions or deterioration over time.

XRI Humidity Testing Capabilities

  • Environmental Testing Process
  • No dimensional loss to thickness
  • Typically conducted for 24-26 hours at 99% relative humidity
  • May be used for passivation verification

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Acid Etch NDT inspection
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