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Non-Destructive Testing Terms Glossary


Written testimony of qualification

Certification Authority

The person or persons properly designated in the Written Practice to sign the certifications on behalf of the employer

Certifying Agency:

The employer of the personnel being certified

Computed Radiography (CR):

Radiography using a solid-state imaging device, such as a photostimulable phosphorplate, and recovering, enhancing, and displaying the image using a digital computer.

Digital Radiography (DR):

A radiographic system which uses computer technology to produce high resolution images on flat panels and scanners for industrial inspection of welds, castings, parts, etc. without film.


The condition of being in written form.


The corporate, private, or public entity, which employs personnel for wages, salary, fees or other considerations.


Work activities accomplished in a specific NDT method under the direction of qualified supervision including the performance of the NDT method and related activities but not including time spent in organized training programs.

Nondestructive Testing:

A process that involves the inspection, testing, or evaluation of materials, components and assemblies for materials’ discontinuities, properties and machine problems without further impairing or destroying the parts serviceability.

Outside Agency:

A company or individual who provides NDT Level 3 services and whose qualifications to provide these services have been reviewed by the employer engaging the company or individual.


Demonstration of physical attributes, knowledge, skill, training and experience required to properly perform NDT tasks.

Qualification Examination:

Examination, administered by the certification body or the authorized qualifying body, which assesses the general, specific and practical knowledge and the skill of the candidate.

Recommended Practice:

A set of guidelines to assist the employer in developing uniform procedures for the qualifications and certification of NDT Personnel to satisfy the employer’s specific requirements.


An organized program developed to impart the knowledge and sills necessary for qualification.

Written Practice:

A written procedure developed by the employer that details the requirements qualifications and certification of their employees.