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Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Services

An extremely sensitive nondestructive testing method for use on ferrous materials, magnetic particle testing can detect minute cracks open to the surface, and some subsurface discontinuities. The productivity and sensitivity of this method makes mag particle inspection an industry inspection standard requirement.

How does magnetic particle inspection work?

Magnetic particle examination for NDT is one of the more economical and speedy ways to ensure ferrous materials are safe and ready for use in the field. In simplified terms, this type of nondestructive inspection is performed by creating a magnetic field around the material being tested and then applying a carrier fluid which holds particles typically made up of iron oxide. Any defect in the surface or just under the surface of the subject material will distort the magnetic field surrounding it, causing the particles in the carrier fluid to be drawn to it. This attraction is easily detected and identified. If there are no flaws in the material, the particles within the magnetic field will remain evenly distributed throughout

X-R-I NDT Testing Capabilities

X-R-I Testing capabilities cover almost all of the potential applications of MT testing. Conventional methods of direct magnetization, or induced magnetization are utilized with portable or fixed inspection systems. Multidirectional systems typically are employed for large volume NDT projects.

Dry Particle Inspection

During dry particle magnetic inspection, particles are dusted onto the surface of the tested object while the object is being magnetized. Commonly conducted on rough surfaces or where detecting shallow subsurface cracks is needed.

Wet Suspension Magnetic Testing

Wet suspension testing is used by applying the particles while they are suspended in a liquid. This technique is commonly used for detecting very small occurrences on a relatively smooth surface.


Magnetic Particle NDT Inspection
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