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X-Ray Radiography Testing & Services

X-R-I Testing offers a wide variety of X-ray radiography testingservices for nondestructive testing of any size component. With our large processing capacity, we provide quick turnaround even with high volume production requirements.

  • 150kV to 300kV cabinets for quick production turnaround
  • X-ray cabinets allow versatility in processing a wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Walk-in cell with accessibility for larger parts

High-Energy Radiographic NDT Inspection

High-energy x-ray radiographic testing inspection capabilities include penetration of up to 11" of cast steel or its equivalent with a material weight of up to 10 tons.  Two percent sensitivity can be demonstrated on material thickness down to .75”.

Our Varian Linear Accelerators can image six inches of cast steel on medium grain film in five minutes, whereas a 100 curie Cobalt 60 source exposure would be 10 times greater on the same application.

Two millimeter focal spot sizes allow for greater definition at shorter source-to-film distances, while a higher radiation intensity permits longer source-to-film distances to cover up to six 14” x 17” films in a single exposure.

Digital X-Ray

X-R-I Testing is an industry leader in the introduction of filmless radiography technologies for nondestructive testing, offering Computed Radiography (CR), Digital Radiography (DR) and x-ray film digitization services at most facilities.  Advantages include:

  • Filmless Solutions
  • Eliminates film and reduces exposure time
  • Significant reduction in NDT inspection cycle time
  • No chemistry needed
  • High quality radiography at lower cost than traditional methods
  • Hardcopy solutions (Digitized Film)
  • Reduced film scrap
  • Increased accuracy of nondestructive inspection results interpretation
  • Highly efficient image archiving and retrieval
  • Images always stored in raw un-enhanced format and may not be altered
  • Powerful, intuitive software for image analysis and enhancement provides increased NDT inspection accuracy and image evaluation.
Radiography / Digital X-Ray
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