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Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Training Instructors

ASNT and/or NAS410 Level III (3) Instructors & Consultants

Rick Bourdon, Staff Level 3 Consultant & Instructor
Rick has been doing NDT for over 40 years and has hands-on experience in RT, CR, DR, Gamma RT, MT, PT, UT, VT/CWI and related chemical processes as an inspector, facility manager and operations manager. Rick currently holds ASNT Level III certification in RT, UT & MT. (Instructor RT, UT, MT)

Joseph Franco, Staff Level 3 Consultant & Instructor
Joseph currently holds his ASNT and NAS410 Level III in MT and PT and has over 35 years of experience. Joseph has held MT/PT certifications for Boeing, Hamilton Sundstrand, Honeywell, Pratt Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Sikorsky, as well as many others. Joseph has been performing Quality Audits for over 25 years. He is the Responsible MT/PT Level III for many outside customers and has been an instructor since 1982. (Instructor PT, MT)

Clifford Murphey, Level 3 Consultant and Instructor
Cliff has been working primarily in the Southwest region to support our customers in the valley of the sun and surrounding areas. Cliff has just over 27 years of NDT experience ranging from military and commercial Aerospace to Industrial heavy offshore construction and Inspection. Cliff currently holds NAS 410 Level 3 certifications in UT, ET, MT and PT.

Justin Smith, Level 3 Consultant and Instructor
Justin has over 20 years’ of experience in Aerospace Maintenance and Inspection applications primarily supporting the Department of Defense. He has been NAS 410 certified as Level 2 Inspector in PT, MT, ET, UT, & RT for five years and currently holds certifications as NAS 410, Level 3 in PT, MT, ET, & UT and ASNT Level 3 in MT.

Nici Robinson, Level 3 Consultant and Instructor
Nici has 16+ years of hands-on industry experience in Radiographic Testing. Nici has held certifications for all the levels within the RT method. Nici currently holds her NAS410 certification for both RT Film & Non-Film with XRI, as well as Aerospace Prime certifications from Honeywell, Rolls-Royce, and Pratt Whitney. Nici has extensive experience with obtaining customer new process approvals, preparing for 3rd party qualification audits, such as NADCAP, and writing detailed procedures.

Ian C Baunach, Level 3 Consultant and Instructor
Ian has over 22 years of combined NDT experience in Military, Aerospace, Nuclear, Industrial, and PowerGen. He brings a highly varied background/knowledge base and has held numerous professional titles including Responsible Level III, NDT Engineer, Lab Supervisor, and Quality Manager. He is a USMC Veteran and began his NDI career after graduating from the NATTC School in NAS Pensacola, FL. He has been NAS-410 certified as Level 3 Inspector in PT, MT, ET, UT, & RT and has 6 ASNT Level NDT III certifications- PT, MT, UT, RT, ET, and VT. He has worked for PRI as a Lead NADCAP Auditor and has experience doing audit preparation for every NDT Method that NADCAP audits as well as Chemical Etch and Quality Systems. Ian has served as RSO for several companies, has held an ASNT IRRSP certificate, and has experience in Gamma, X-ray, Film, CR and DR. He has held NDT Level III approvals from Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, and Bechtel (BPMI). Ian also has college degrees from both the University of Louisville (Bachelors) and Liberty University (Masters).

Larry Whalen, Level 3 Consultant and Instructor
Larry has just over 24 years of NDT experience in the Commercial Aerospace Industry. Larry held NAS 410 Level 3 certifications in ET, MT, PT and UT in his former role.

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